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This is me with Juno.


I know first hand that getting a dog is a huge decision. I remember my partner and I had read every book we could get our hands on to try and create the "perfect dog". We made a plan for when Juno would join us, and thought about all the details; where he would sleep, where we could take him to socialize, how to address toilet training, etc. But we also thought about big things like; taking our holidays in parallel to be there for him as much as possible during his early stages of life, even going to to extend of cutting back to a part time job! To put it simple: we thought we were very well prepared.

Soon we learned that nothing can prepare you for the "real thing". Even though Juno settled in well and slept a lot (as pups are supposed to do), we had so many questions straight away. Wanting to make sure we did all the right things, we went to the local dog school for puppy classes. Juno proved to be quite smart and within two weeks he was a top student. He was able to follow loads of commands such as: sit, down, stay, high five, showing teeth etc etc. We got our certificate with great marks, and he was the loveliest dog. 

However, there was defenitely one very big challenge: Juno just HAD to greet every single dog he saw. Surely we didn't give into his wish, but we often ended up with Juno jumping in the air and pulling on the lead. You can imagine this got less and less fun as he grew older, heavier, and stronger.  Of course I raised this concern at the dog school, but they could not provide me with a satisfying answer. Their theory was that "Juno was the boss over me and that was why he behaved that way he did".  I refused to believe this. And so my search for answers continued...

To make a long story short - I have investigated in different approaches until I found a course that was based on Turid Rugaas her ideology. I finally found someone that looked at the cause of the dogs behaviour as a starting point, rather than societies expectations of what a dog should be. I needed to find answers to questions such as: "why does my dog act the way it does?", "which signals does he show and what does it mean?" and "how can I help him cope better in life?" Once I adopted this point of view, things got clearer. I could finally help my dog who was just having a hard time! It changed everything.

You can read more about my ideas under the heading "vision".

In 2014 I got the opportunity to be educated by Turid Rugaas herself!
By 2016 I finalized her "International Dog Trainer Education" program and received my certificate.

Dog Behaviour Consultant

Motueka, New Zealand


email: info@knowyourdog.co.nz

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