About Me

My name is Anne-Wil and I am a dog behaviourist educated by world renowned Turid Rugaas. Currently my family and I are living in Motueka, where I restarted my company Know Your Dog. Together with my partner Serge, we have a son named Mees and two awesome dogs; Juno and Ney. Know Your Dog provides services throughout the Nelson/Tasman area. Please have a good read about me and my views. If you would like me to help you understand your dog better, send me a message or give me a call.

Unlike many behaviourists, I was not born and raised in a "dog family". My grandma used to have dogs that she adopted from the local pounds, and my aunt at some point got a Golden Retriever, but that's it. I did join my aunt once on a dog course that she attended, but it didn't really spark my interest at the time. Of course I loved dogs, but wasn't particularly interested in how dogs experienced the world. This is also due to the fact that at the time it wasn't really common to consider how dogs felt. People would consider dogs "naughty" or "dominant" but we never really put effort into discovering WHY a dog behaved the way it did.

When my partner and I lived together for a few years, talks about having our own dog became more and more serious. What kind of breed would we like to have? How would we combine a dog with our full time jobs? We spent many days discussing such topics. Once I finalized my second Bachelor degree, we thought the time was right. So we put ourselves on the waiting list to adopt. We deliberately chose a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross (you can read more about him in About Juno.)

Soon we learned that there was so much more to understand about dogs. After researching multiple training methods and looking around at various "dog schools" I finally learned about Turid Rugaas and her ideas. And finally, some insights I could totally relate to! It didn't take long before I decided to sign up for the "international dog trainer" education course taught by the master herself. In 2015 our (human) son Mees was born, which was coincidentally around the time I wrote my exam paper. Combining the two I wrote about the topic: "How to Introduce Your Baby to Your Dog". I still think this is a very relevant topic, as many parents to be aren't sure how to approach this best.


When Mees was around 1 year old, we adopted a street dog from Spain named "Ney". He was a dog we knew very little about that was supposedly a senior of 7 years old. Well we learned pretty quickly that this sparkly enthusiastic but stressed dog was definitely NO senior... haha. 

As if life wasn't adventurous enough, we finally decided in 2018 to chase another big dream of ours; we moved from the Netherlands to New Zealand. Bringing the dogs with us was a huge task, especially getting all the right vaccinations and paperwork in order on time. But we made it, and now we are all living the dream! I believe Turid's ideas are quite new to this area/country so please have a look at my vision to learn more.


Dog Behaviour Consultant

Motueka, New Zealand


email: info@knowyourdog.co.nz

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