Behaviour Consult

Do you have a teenage dog or an adult dog that shows unwanted behaviour? Whether it's issues with other dogs or humans, anxiety, barking, hyperactivity - you name it, I can help you. 

Do not expect a "quick fix", because as you can also read in my "vision" these are never sustainable solutions. 

The consult will help me get an understanding of what is at play within your household. It takes approximately 2 hours as I need to be thorough. We need to find the underlying cause of the behaviour so we can address the issue from the roots instead of focusing on symptoms.

The behaviour consult comes with an initial house visit (approx 2 hours) and a follow up session of an hour. If more sessions are necessary they can be booked seperately.

For more details see "Prices".

Dog Behaviour Consultant

Motueka, New Zealand



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