Help a pup

Welcoming a pup into your home is a big step, and sometimes not everything works out as anticipated. There are quite some families that turn out to be disappointed or discover that their new puppy is quite different from their previous dog. Don't feel guilty about your feelings - you aren't the only one experiencing the"puppy blues".


If you feel insecure many questions will start to come to mind. Things like: am I doing this right? Why does my pup do this? What should I do if..., Why doesn't he learn....?. This is nothing to be ashamed of. It's only admirable that you are self critical! A lot of behaviour is addressed at a puppy course. But sometimes it happens that you are left with very specific questions (especially if the puppy course is only focusing on "commanding" your dog).

Because of this reason I offer help to new owners or owners that are taken by surprise by their new puppy. I guide you concerning your questions, explain to you what your pup is trying to tell you, and help you with finding practical solutions. So if you have any questions with regards to your pup's behaviour, let me know.

Dog Behaviour Consultant

South Canterbury, New Zealand



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