A consultation takes approximately 2/3 hours.  It usually takes place at your house or wherever "the problem" arises. During this time I will ask a lot of questions about your dog and family dynamics. After this I will observe your dog in a created setting to let your dog "speak". Finally we can discuss my findings and how to move forward. A few days after my visit you will receive an email with your "homework" for the coming period (this can be up to weeks depending on each specific case).

Sometimes the first consultation is enough to give the owners the tools and knowledge to help the dog further on their own. At other times it is necessary to have a few more (hourly) sessions to get a good grip on things.


Hourly session

These follow after the preliminary consultation. Sessions can take place in a public area or around the house. That will all be discussed depending on the specific needs.

Know Your Pup Course

6 weekly course in Geraldine - 45 minutes lessons

Know Your Dog Course

6 weekly course in Geraldine - 60 minutes lessons


Afternoon tracking where dogs search for missing person in the woods. +- 1.5 hrs


Organized at different locations throughout South Canterbury. 

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180 NZD

80 NZD

120 NZD

130 NZD

30 NZD

15 NZD

Dog Behaviour Consultant

South Canterbury, New Zealand



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